Preliminary Objections in Criminal Law (Pt. 1)

Preliminary Objections in Criminal Law (Pt. 1) Preliminary Objections in Criminal Law In criminal matters, after the arrest of the suspect and the investigation of his case. The next is that the state shall prefer a charge against the suspect if in course of the investigation they obtained sufficient evidence to prosecute the Defendant. The … Read more

Notice to Quit

Notice to Quit Notice to Quit Tenancy relationship is usually between a Landlord (landowner) and the tenant. While the landlord is the owner of the apartment and its appurtenance. The tenant is the person who paid to live in the house for a certain specified period. The Tenancy agreement is therefore the terms and conditions … Read more

Mortgagor’s Right of Redemption

Mortgagor’s Right of Redemption: Mortgage Mortgage is a security offered for a loan or money. In life, no man has it all, people continue relying on assistance from each other. In this scenario, Friends always run to friends for help and relations usually come to the help of each other. Time may come that they … Read more

Refreshing Memory by Witness

Refreshing Memory by Witness: Refreshing Memory by Witness A witness is a person invited by a party in a suit to give testimony in his favour. He is a person who knows about the transaction between the parties that gave rise to the legal suit. The witness can merely be called up by a party … Read more

Parties by Intervention and Third Party Proceeding

Parties by Intervention and Third Party Proceeding: Parties by intervention Civil suits are usually between the parties that have interest in the matter. While the claimant institutes an action against the defendant, the court is expected to decide the matter to cover all the persons that have interest in the subject matter. In course of … Read more

Interpleader Action

Interpleader Action: Interpleader Action A party in possession of a property may decides to compel the persons that are laying claim over the said property to attend to court and establish their claim. An interpleader is a person who is in possession of a property which ownership is contested by two parties and which the … Read more

Judgment and Consent Judgment

Judgment and Consent Judgment: Judgment Judgment can be likened to the final decision of the court in a matter. It is also the personal opinion or evaluation of a judex or judge reached in a case by discerning and comparing the evidence presented before him. Judgment is the personal opinion of a Judge reached from the careful … Read more

Effect of Non Service of Court Process

Effect of Non Service of Court Process: Effect of Non Service of Court Process: Service of court process is one of the pre-requisite for valid court decision. The parties that are involved in a cases are expected to know about their matters. Service is the process by which the parties exchange their pleadings. While the … Read more

INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2022

INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2022/2023 Introduction INEC is an acronym that stands for Independent National Electoral Commission and they are the electoral body that is saddled with the clear responsibility of conducting elections in Nigeria. Before the period of the Nigeria independence, the 1959 federal election was conducted by the Electoral Commission of Nigeria (ECN). … Read more

How to Apply for Federal Government Scholarship

How to Apply for Federal Government Scholarship: Introduction: Federal Government Scholarship is a scholarship sponsored by the Federal Republic of Nigeria in order to support the academic pursuits of their subjects. The Federal Government at several occasions in the year provided the students with various undergraduate scholarship. The scholarship may be slated for the general … Read more