Can I study law degree program as a part-time Course

Can I study law degree program as a part-time Course

Can I study law degree program as a part-time Course:

No! Law degree program is one of those professional courses that you cannot study as a part time course. This can be deduced from the general thought that the profession is tedious with heavy loads and it’s course outlines cannot be attended to within the little timing of part-time courses.

Ordinarily, it can be answered that you can decide to study any course of your choice as a part – time course in the whole parts of the world but as of recent time, it has been stated and understood that due to the rigorous means of studying law and its hectic nature that it can only be studied in most regions as a full –time course.

In most jurisdiction, it’s a notorious fact that Law degree can just be studied as a regular study or nothing more. Those that are always desirous of studying Law Degree Program with other courses are being forced to drop the course or to drop the work that they want to be combining their studies with.

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Law Degree Program is usually a five (5) years thorough Law Program where the students are expected to know everything about the law. So, within this period, they are expected not to engage in any other course or engagement.

What is the supreme Law of the Land?

The supreme Law of the land is the major substantive law through which other laws of the land takes their breathing. It is the law enacted by the state to which other laws bow and take corrections from. The supreme Law of the Land is usually above every other laws in the state.

The constitution of most countries are the supreme law of the Land and every other legislation that violates its provisions is meant to be dumped. The provisions of the law are meant to be obeyed by all. The supreme law of the Land is expected to be codified in a particular document and it is meant to be within the reach of the general public.

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The Supreme Law of the Land can also extend to cover every other treaty domesticated in line with the provisions of the constitution. The Supreme Law of the Land is meant to be enforced as above everyone in the land.

Rule of Law

This is a principle of law that portray the supremacy of the law of the land. The hallmark of the concept is that the law should supersede every person in the land and that no one is expected to live above the provisions of the law of the land. The rule of law can always be accepted as one of the features of democracy. The law speaks and act in the society where rule of law has prevailed.

The Originator of the principle wanted a society where everyone will be equal and the leaders and the citizen will be treated based on the same laws. The equality of everyone before the law is one of the major emphasis of this principle.

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