What is rolling admission and its features

What is rolling admission and its features:

What is Rolling Admission?

Generally, students can be admitted through regular admission or rolling admission. In the different academic calendars, rolling admission usually comes after the regular admission and this is usually with the intent of assisting students who missed the regular admission. It would be reiterated that it is not all higher institutions that offer rolling admission.

Rolling admission is a process of admitting students outside the time frame of the regular admission and their responses are always within a shorter period of 4 – 6 Weeks. Colleges or institutions that offer rolling admission accept and respond to applications for rolling admission as they roll in.

In rolling admission, if you apply when the open slots are still available, it may increase your chances of being admitted and also be considered for a scholarship or financial aid depending on the rolling admission policy of the college offering the rolling admission and this is unlike regular admission. Rolling admission is comparably less stressful as applications are hurriedly attended to as they roll in.

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There is usually no much anticipation waiting endlessly for admission when you apply for rolling admission and this is so, as the colleges that accept rolling admission will jet-speed attend to all the applicants that meet up with the school rolling admission requirement within that particular academic session.

Who can be admitted to Rolling Admission?

Everyone who applies within the time that the slots for rolling admission are still available will be considered for admission and if you apply early in rolling admission, you also be considered for scholarship and financial aid. This is possible as candidates are considered for admission as their applications roll in. Meanwhile, the requirement for admission through rolling admission may be considered to be less difficult as the Applicants may be admitted into school after a few reviews of their application.

What is the difference between rolling admission and Regular Admission?

One of the major differences between rolling admission and regular admission is that it’s not every college that offers the former but it’s every college that offers the latter. Rolling admission is not available in all institutions but regular admission is in every college.

Similarly, rolling admission is usually conducted with speed and they usually respond to the students within a shorter period of 4 – 6 Months but regular admission usually takes a longer period and this usually increases the anticipation of the students and their anxieties.

However, spots for rolling admission can fill up easily and so, it’s usually on a first-come, first-serve basis. But regular admission provides the platform for comparison and this usually permits the admission of the best brains.

Finally, Institutions that offer rolling admission may set priority deadlines. They usually place high priorities and privileges on those students who apply for rolling admission within the provided time or deadline. Those students that apply late for admission not minding their reasons will be offered lesser consideration. But in regular admission, there may be room for an extension of time of the application for admission and the whole students that applied will be treated on the same basis.

Can I make an application for rolling admission and regular admission?

Yes, you can apply for both as they are usually conducted within a different time frame. Rolling admissions usually come after the regular admission and this may help those students who missed applying during the regular admission.

There are no rules that prevent one from making an application for regular admission or rolling admission. Meanwhile, the only thing is that your application for rolling admission may be attended to fast within a shorter time frame while the regular admission process continues with their scrutiny.

It may also be more stressful to make an application for the duo because it’s not all colleges that offer rolling admission. Imagine making an application for regular admission in a particular college and submitting an application also in another school that offers rolling admission. It may be stressful and time-consuming.

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