The Best Lifestyle for an undergraduate student in the school

The Best Lifestyle for an undergraduate student in the school:

This piece shall completely expose to you some behaviors that you should avoid completely as a student in the school and so, the Best Lifestyle for an undergraduate student in the school are as follows:

Don’t indulge yourself in exam malpractice:

It can be emphasised high without fear of contradiction that all students are to abhor the act of examination malpractice(s). No form of examination malpractice should be welcomed among the students that want to excel on their studies.

The school answer slips usually contain some acts that amount to examination malpractice and it’s part of the school routine activities that the soul that sinneth should die. The Persons that involve in school examination malpractices are usually taken to the school panel or Disciplinary Committee and after due trial, if found guilty, the person may be suspended or expelled from the citadel of higher learning.

So, it should be important that you should avoid with all seriousness any form of examination malpractice.

Note: In the exam hall, its better you sit with your enemy than to sit with your friends. Your friends can easily implicate you and you will end up facing the school panel over examination malpractice. So, always comport yourself in the exam hall and also go for your exams on time.

Always Have Your Semester Time Table:

It should be important to note that you must try and prepare your personal timetable from the beginning of the semester and the said personal timetable should be comprehensive and achievable and not full of unrealistic goals that are dumped them for cinema view.

Personal Semester time table should only cover your study activities for a particular semester and it should not just be a replica of your yearly resolution

The time table should cover and reflect all courses and no course should be left unmentioned and it should state the time apportioned to each courses and please always apportion more time to those courses that are giving you headache or you are finding difficult to comprehend.

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Note: You can always prepare your personal time having the courses in the school time table in mind and you can also make a better personal time table by fixing some courses stand with the days you are to have them in the school time table.

Know your friend and partner:

It’s an accepted adage that you cannot be far from who your bosom friend is. In other words, show me your friend, I will tell you, who you are. Birds of the same feathers flock together, if you don’t want to be a mediocre, it would be advised that you should be walking around with mediocre. Select your friends according to your vision and destiny in life and try as much as possible to avoid bad friends and friends that will derail you from achieving your destiny or even causing you to fall from the top.

In Life, many rational beings prefer making friends with those that are better than them than making friends with those that they are better than. Your allies and cronies should be those that are going the same way you are going and not those that will be taking and dragging you backward.

Note: Try and select your friends according to your vision and destiny and do not allow people to select and chose your friends for you. Choose those that can help you when you are falling and not those that will cause you to fall. Please, do not forget that your circle of friends may affect how far you will go in life.

Library should become your Best Companion:

You cannot be a good and an excellent student without being a good and voracious reader. Library as contained here does not only portray the building specifically designated for reading books or borrowing books but you can extend the meaning of Library here to cover other places accepted by a student as a convenient place for his studies.

So, we humbly advise you to always make the convenient place you read your companion. Read your books and study your school materials for you can read as many books as you can lay your hands on but you may not have the whole time to study in depth the whole books, however, for your school materials, try and study them for quizzes and exams.

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If you can make your reading zone your companion, then during the exam period, you will only be left with revision and answering of past questions.

Study Your books now and reduce on the movies and comedies that you watch a day. Also make friends with those persons that love reading and reading. You people can read together and discuss the topic very well, each person making a reasonable contribution to the subject matter at hand.

Don’t engage in Cultism in the Campus:

It shall be crucial to state that you should not join cult group or any secret society. Please avoid the gathering of big boys. They will tell you many sweet things about cult or secret societies but they will not tell you that you may be killed in course of your activities in the cult.

We sincerely advise you not to join any secret society.

Avoid Co – habitation as a student:

As a student, please don’t engage in co-habitation with any one. Co-habitation is the act of living with a person of an opposite sex in the room while you people are not into the union of marriage or related by blood. Some guys when admitted into the University newly, they usually drag themselves into the snare of co-habitation by going after their fellow students of opposite sex, who they will bring and be staying with in their room.

Any ways, remember that we are not against you assisting those that are stranded but please don’t assist people more than you assist your destiny. You can refer them to your female friends, if you’re a guy.

Thanks for reading this post; The Best Lifestyle for an undergraduate student in the school.

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